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January 18, 2010

Time to Visit Some Colleges

Things are in full swing and going well, but it’s time to get out into the community. A downside to moving into a new area is not knowing a lot of people. But Lord willing that is about to change after I visit several colleges over the next few days. My intention is to head to each of the campuses find out if I can put information on the bulletin boards and see if any are interested in reading the Bible.

I’m planning to go to:
Gettysburg College a local private school about 5 minutes from the house. Most of the students live on campus and don’t appear to have cars, so people are walking around town and campus frequently.
HACC is a local community college with virtually all its students commuting to campus. This campus is also only about 5 mins from the house and even closer to the church building.
Messiah College is a private school about 30 mins north of Gettysburg. It is a “Christian college” with relatively moral students. The church here has been blessed by several students from this college over the years.
I hope that all of you are doing well. I truly appreciate your prayers.
God bless,