Time to Visit Some Colleges

Things are in full swing and going well, but it’s time to get out into the community. A downside to moving into a new area is not knowing a lot of people. But Lord willing that is about to change after I visit several colleges over the next few days. My intention is to head to each of the campuses find out if I can put information on the bulletin boards and see if any are interested in reading the Bible.

I’m planning to go to:
Gettysburg College a local private school about 5 minutes from the house. Most of the students live on campus and don’t appear to have cars, so people are walking around town and campus frequently.
HACC is a local community college with virtually all its students commuting to campus. This campus is also only about 5 mins from the house and even closer to the church building.
Messiah College is a private school about 30 mins north of Gettysburg. It is a “Christian college” with relatively moral students. The church here has been blessed by several students from this college over the years.
I hope that all of you are doing well. I truly appreciate your prayers.
God bless,

4 Comments to “Time to Visit Some Colleges”

  1. Sweet!Oh, and if you have questions about Gburg, Dad used to work there as a security guard so he could probably help you out.

  2. So you'll be offering to do bible studies like individually, or in groups at the college? Sounds pretty sweet to me.

  3. The ideal situation would be to get a Bible reading group set up of about 4-8 students and work to get individual studies from there. The more people we can talk to the better.

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