Bulletin Boards

It’s been a semi-productive week. One of my big goals this week was to get out to Gettysburg College and try to get some Bible readings set up. Things didn’t go as well as I had hoped on Tuesday. I got on campus and couldn’t find the student union building which was what I was looking for, but I did find the dining hall. I was hoping the dining hall would have a place to put up a flyer, but it didn’t. On my way out of the dining hall I spotted the library, and thought I’d use the library to study and also to post a flyer. I was able to do some studying, but I couldn’t find a place for a public flyer.

Even though I couldn’t find a place for a flyer, I decided to try to study as often as possible at the library in order to get more exposure with the students. So I went back to the library today.
I saw a couple of the same people as I did Tuesday, but no luck in getting any readings in place. But a positive for the day was that I found the Student Union building. It looks like the dorms at Auburn, so the other night I assumed it was a dorm but it was the union building. I found 2 community bulletin boards and put the very simple flyer on the 2 boards.
I’m hopeful that my phone and e-mail will begin to blow up, but I’m also realistic: one is better than none.
I was telling Ladonna about finding the bulletin boards today and she thinks some super markets have community bulletin boards too. So I will follow-up on that and if at all possible put flyers all around town.
I’m really enjoying the work thus far, and I hope that in some small way the efforts being made here are glorifying the Father.
God bless you guys

3 Comments to “Bulletin Boards”

  1. I know Weis has a bulliten board on the way outta the store. Check that out.As distasteful as it may be, I often find that above urinals is a good place to place ads. You know there isn't much going on for the duration of the urination. ™

  2. TMI.Weis now has a flyer up and Kyle told me Jane's Market has a board as well. I'll try to post one up Monday morning.

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