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March 26, 2010

New Blog Home

Don’t be mad, but I thought it was time to make my blog look and feel a little more professional. The blogspot address served its purpose, but I wanted more control over the blog. Plus with the new blog I’ll be able to upload my PowerPoint presentations in case any of you are interested in them. And eventually I’ll be able to stream and download audio as well. So get excited or get annoyed!

It’s amazing how time flies! I can’t believe that I have been in Gettysburg for 3 months already. A part of me feels like I just moved a couple weeks ago, but another part is starting to get comfortable with the work. I’ve never felt like an outsider, yet all the while I didn’t know exactly where I was to fit in. And now that I know the group better it’s easier for me to see areas  that I can be of assistance to the Lord’s body.

I mentioned several weeks back about a young lady who I hoped would start attending our Sunday evening study on the book of Mark…well she has been very regular in attendance to the study and on Wednesday nights for many weeks now. She feels comfortable with us and is beginning to ask questions, and appears to be seeking the truth. She has been a great help to us as I trust we have been to her. But please for her and us.

A sermon that should be preached every year is a sermon on modesty. Well, I had the good fortune of being able to present that lesson this past Sunday. To be honest, it’s probably in my top 5 least sermons to preach but modesty needs to be taught. The brethren as a general rule received the lesson favorably. I didn’t know how they would respond but I was thankful with their response. I just hope the verbal agreements translate into agreements in action. I do not have the audio available but here is the PowerPoint Presentation on Modesty. Please note that comments on each of the slides, they will sometimes help understanding the slide better.

I’m excited because the congregation that I grew up in, Pepper Road, has asked me to hold a meeting for them next June. That might not seem like a big deal, but I’m stoked about it.

I’m also excited about tomorrow, we’re going on a hike. A young man from Virginia is in town for spring break and someone put together a hike for us. My understanding is that when we get to the top there’s a good place to hold a devotion and we will do that as well. I’m looking forward to that. I need to remember to charge my camera batteries so I can take some pictures and post them.

Have a great weekend,